Who are we and what do we stand for?

Our story

Launched in 2013 by Moulaye and Kadry as a side-project to help a friend’s mother, they understood quickly that there was room for opportunity for distribution through the web for the African culture. With an outsourced MVP, they saw the first orders coming and they decided to dedicate themselves full-time to this growing project. With the coming of Luc, in 2016 they focused on Tech and Product and then launched Afrikrea, the marketplace, and Boom… a growth of 8% per week doubling our revenue every quarter and multiplying our revenue 10 times every year!

After several fundraisings, a move to Abidjan, the coming of the first team members, and a strong partnership with DHL, Afrikrea became the number 1 African eCommerce exporter.

The current situation: the transition to Anka

In 2020, rich in these years of experience in direct contact with sellers and as entrepreneurs serving entrepreneurs, we understood that the challenges of the sellers were deeper than those solved by the marketplace, Afrikrea. The sellers faced specific African issues such as the lack of visibility globally, the difficulty of shipping products worldwide from Africa, and the complexity of payments between international and local ways. To resolve these needs that exceed the perimeter of a simple marketplace, they decided to create Anka.

Anka, powered by Afrikrea, is the all-in-one solution for sellers of products « Made of Africa » (fashion, art, food, or beauty…) to sell from anywhere, ship worldwide, get paid faster on international or local African payment methods, and manage easily their businesses.

In January 2022, we raised 5,4 million euros from top-tier investors (including the founder of Alibaba) with a new purpose… Unleash the growth of African Entrepreneurship! To help us achieve this in the next 9 months, we are developing new services (App, Content, Coaching…) in a revenue-driven way and it’s the reason why we are looking for the right people.

Few KPIs about Anka

General KPIs

  • 13000+ sellers in 46 African countries
  • 35+ million dollars of transactions in 172 countries
  • 750 000+ visits each month
  • 3000+ new products each week
  • 1200+ messages exchanged each day
  • A team of 45 badass team members (14 different nationalities located in 12 different countries and with an average age of 32 years) passionate about the purpose, diverse, experienced, and very cool!

Specific KPIs for the Administrative HR Specialist

  • The NPS Administrative Experience (> 4 on 5)
  • The time to answer administrative requests (48 hours maximum)
  • The time to finalize Project Management according to compliance (1-month maximum)
  • Time to finalize Payroll (before the 5th of each month)

What are we looking for?

Context of the team and vision of the job

Under the responsibility of Laetitia, our Head of People & Culture, you’ll work in a team of 2 smart and badass people (1 Culture & Office Manager). The vision of this team is to make Anka the best place to work in Africa and the rest of the world.

In regular contact with Employees, Managers and Officers, and Administrative Partners, your role will be to deliver the best-in-class administrative experience for employees

Your challenges (if you accept them…)

  • Manage the current administrative processes: Contracts, Amendments, Payroll, and Administrative Experience
  • Improve our current processes
  • Improve our NPS Administrative Experience
  • Manage the relationship with our Administrative Partners
  • Define, implement and follow up on Administrative Reports
  • Ensure each administrative process is compliant with Ivorian Work Law
  • And define, implement and follow up each mission and project that will enable you to achieve our strategy and goal

What you will need to succeed

In terms of hard & soft skills (Mandatory):

  • Proven Experience in Administrative HR (5+ years of experience)
  • A good knowledge and experience of Ivorian Work Law
  • You already managed relationships with work partners (CNPS, Work Inspection, trade unions...)
  • Ecosystem Centric Mindset: You understand that the People & Culture Team must be at the service of an ecosystem (Employees, Managers & Leaders but also partners and investors)
  • Data-centric: “Data is your dada” and you like to achieve your goals by completing data
  • English & French Fluency: You can work in English & French easily thanks to your writing, speaking, and listening skills
  • Tech-Savvy: You know how to deal easily with Software Tools and you can manage easily Google Account, BaseCamp, Trello, 1Password, and BambooHR
  • Remote Experience: You’re enough autonomous and responsible to work easily remotely and achieve your goals
  • Rigor & Attention to detail: You know to manage well your missions without too many mistakes

Your recruitment process

  • A 45-minute interview on Zoom with Laetitia, our Head of People & Culture, to validate the fit with our needs and your fit with Anka
  • A 30-minutes interview with Maureen, our Culture & Office Manager
  • A 30-minutes interview on Zoom with Guillaume, our CFO, to validate your fit with our culture

If you succeed in all these steps, we'll send a job offer 72h after the last interview

Key information about this position

  • Start date of this position: The 5th of December 2022 (at the latest)
  • Salary: Between 500 000 and 800 000 Francs CFA net per month (according to experience)
  • Ivorian Long-Term Contract

What we can offer you

Our culture

  • #TEAMWORK: Alone you go fast, together we go far
  • #DETERMINATION: Keep trying until you deliver
  • #ACCOUNTABILITY: Say it, own it, do it
  • #EXPLORATION: Create the future you imagine

Our work from home Policy (100% remote since Day 1)

Liberty and flexibility to work from everywhere which implies asynchronous and structured communication (thanks to Basecamp) but also flexibility, autonomy, and discipline

The possibility of growing quickly within the organization

As a small startup, there is room for opportunities at Anka! Thanks to our monthly feedback and quarterly evaluation, you’ll know easily what areas you’ll have to improve and what you succeed in. If you meet or exceed our expectations, there'll be the possibility in 1 year to evolve horizontally or vertically with a salary increase.

For example, for this position as an Administrative HR Specialist, you could evolve horizontally as Lead HR Ops.

Our perks

  • Company Goodies
  • Health Coverage (taken in charge at 100% for you and your family)
  • Paid Holidays: 30 days per year

Our rituals


  • The AHOM: Our weekly meeting
  • 1-week meet up once a year in an African all together

Specific for the People & Culture department

  • Weekly People & Culture Priorities the Monday online on Zoom
  • Weekly Collaboration Meeting the Thursday online on Zoom
  • Weekly 1to1 Meeting

Our policy about diversity and inclusion

We're Anka. We truly embrace diversity and inclusion. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to color, religion, sex, national origin, sexuality, disability, or any other characteristic.

If you want to be truly yourself, work from where you want but also work in an organization with an international impact, Anka is the right place for you!