Who are we and what do we stand for?

Our story

Launched in 2013 by Moulaye and Kadry as a side project to help a friend’s mother, they understood quickly that there was room for opportunity for distribution through the web for the African culture. With an outsourced MVP, they saw the first orders coming and they decided to dedicate themselves full time to this growing project. With the coming of Luc, in 2016 they focused on Tech and Product and then launched Afrikrea, the marketplace, and Boom… a growth of 8% per week doubling our revenue every quarter and multiplying our revenue 10 times every year!

After several fundraisings, a move to Abidjan, the coming of the first team members, and a strong partnership with DHL, Afrikrea became the number 1 African eCommerce exporter.

The current situation: the transition to Anka

In 2020, rich in these years of experience in direct contact with sellers and as entrepreneurs serving entrepreneurs, we understood that the challenges of the sellers were deeper than those solved by the marketplace, Afrikrea. The sellers faced specific African issues such as the lack of visibility globally, the difficulty of shipping products worldwide from Africa, and the complexity of payments between international and local ways. To resolve these needs that exceed the perimeter of a simple marketplace, they decided to create Anka.

Anka, powered by Afrikrea, is the all-in-one solution for sellers of products « Made of Africa » (fashion, art, food, or beauty…) to sell from anywhere, ship worldwide, get paid faster on international or local African payment methods, and manage easily their businesses. Our new vision is clear: Export Africa by building the future of selling globally!

In January 2022, we raised 5,4 million euros from top-tier investors (including the founder of Alibaba) and it’s the reason why we are looking for the right people to help us achieve this vision.

Few KPIs about Anka

General KPIs

  • 13000+ sellers in 46 African countries
  • 35+ million dollars of transactions in 172 countries
  • 750 000+ visits each month
  • 3000+ new products each week
  • 1200+ messages exchanged each day
  • A team of 50 team members passionate about this vision, diverse, experienced, working in full remote (since day 1), and very cool!

Specific KPIs for the Finance Manager Logistics

  • Gross and Net Margin

What are we looking for?

Context of the team and vision of the job

Under the responsibility of Rawdah, our Head of Logistics, you’ll work in a team of 3 smart and badass people. The vision of this team is to make grow our Logistics services for our sellers

In regular contact with Treasury, Brand, Engineering, and Product Teams but also with our financing and logistics partners, your role will be to build and improve our Logistics P&L and create margin.

Your challenges (if you accept them…)

    • Improve the existing report of our P&L. It should help you identify on a weekly/monthly basis any drift from the target and an estimation of the margin for the ongoing month
    • Identify the action necessary to be implemented to reach the targets
    • Build budget forecast

    • Provide the SOA for our shipping providers to the treasury department
    • Breakdown of the various costs
    • Monitoring the discrepancies between forecast and actual objectives and proposing corrective action if necessary.
    • Carrying out financial studies

    • Be the main contact to our different partners for invoices purposes and issues
    • Know your shippers and their needs to be close to their expectations
    • Communicate clearly on different procedures through the right channel ( mailing/WhatsApp/social media)

    • Be reactive in updating when needed the price grid (commercial strategy or general price increase)

What you will need to succeed

In terms of hard & soft skills:

  • Mandatory:
    • Excellent and proven accounting/finance skills
    • Data oriented: Data is your dada, you’ve analytical thinking and you’re an expert in Excel
    • Business oriented
    • Excellent written and spoken communication skills
    • Fluent in English and Expert in Excel
    • Ability to synthesize information
    • Ability to demonstrate rigor and organization
    • Mandatory Self-Discipline
    • Resourcefulness
    • Responsibility
    • Communication & Teamwork
    • Flexibility
    • Previous experience in a startup or a fast-paced company: You know how to manage the chaos
    • Previous experience in full remote: You’re enough mature to achieve your goals by yourself
  • Bonus point:
    • Previous experience in a shipping company

Your recruitment process

  • A 30-minute interview on Zoom with Laetitia, our Head of People & Culture, to validate the fit with our needs and your fit with Anka
  • A technical test (3 days maximum to complete it) and present it for 45 minutes on Zoom with Rawdah, your future manager to deep dive into your technical skills and your drivers at work
  • A 30-minute interview with Delphine, the Logistics Customer Experience Specialist to validate the fit with the team
  • A 30-minutes interview on Zoom with Guillaume, our CFO, to validate your fit with our culture

Key information about this position

  • Start date of this position: Mid-September 2022 (at the latest)
  • Salary: Between 2000 and 3000 euros net per month (according to experience)

What we can offer you

Our culture “We craft, we care, we share”

  • We craft:
    • The One Priority
    • Get shit done: Does regular feedback, does not isolate oneself on his side, always focuses on results, and offers solutions even rudimentary ones at first
    • Data is our Dada: The KPIs supporting the activity are mastered and properly interpreted. Uses data in the reflection and for explicit analysis
    • Make something people want (=Know our customers and the ecosystem we operate in): Evidence of market mastery, such as regular and relevant genchi gembutsu

  • We care:
    • Do it until you scale it: Implement solutions to scale one's activity and improve productivity or customer satisfaction
    • Timing * Impact: Respect one's priorities and commitments, especially regarding the timing
    • Focus: Ability to define the objectives or solutions which have the most impact, including by reallocating time or thinking out of the box

  • We share:
    • Weeklys and summaries are well done: The regularity, punctuality, and relevance of the weekly and summaries show the ability to take a step back and learn to improve
    • Share information and collaborate with the rest of the team: Stock in shared spaces and systematically share one's working documentation or ideas. Also comments on the other's work and summaries regularly
    • Bring new solutions and propositions to improve our business
    • Business is personal: Exchange informally and share the important elements of one's personal life

Our work-from-home Policy (100% remote since Day 1)

    Liberty and flexibility to work from everywhere which implies asynchronous and structured communication (thanks to Basecamp) but also flexibility, autonomy, and discipline

    The possibility of growing quickly within the organization

    As a startup, there are rooms for opportunities at Anka! Thanks to our quarterly evaluation and monthly feedback, you’ll know easily what areas you’ll have to improve and what you succeed in. If you meet or exceed our expectations, there'll be the possibility in 6 months to evolve horizontally or vertically with a salary increase.

    For example, for this position as Finance Manager - Logistics, you could evolve horizontally as a Financial Services Expert or vertically as a Head of Financial Services (=Management).

    Our perks

    • Company Goodies
    • International health coverage
    • The hardware of your choice (in a list defined by Anka)
    • Paid Holidays: 30 days per year
    • Budget for learning (100 euros per month per employee after the validation of your trial period)

    Our rituals


    • The AHOM: Our weekly meeting
    • 1-week meet-up once a year in an African city all together

    Specific for Logistics Team

    • Weekly Team Meeting
    • Weekly 1to1

    Our policy about diversity and inclusion

    We're Anka. We truly embrace diversity and inclusion. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to color, religion, sex, national origin, sexuality, disability, or any other characteristic.

    If you want to be truly yourself, work from where you want but also work in an organization with an international impact, Anka is the right place for you!